Definition of adjudication based on Article 1 point 8 of Government Regulation Number 24 of 1997 on Land Registration (“GR No.24/1997″) is “activity which is performed in the process of land registration for the first time, including collection and determination of the fact of the physical data and juridical data concerning one or more objects of land registration for the purposes of its registration”. Adjudication of land registration activities are special procedures performed for granting legal status of parts of land to the actual owner.

On the implementation of systematic land registration, which is generally in large-scale and massive, then to implement it, the Head of the Land Office is assisted by the Adjudication Committee that was formed specifically for that by the Minister or appointed officer, and thus the routine duties of the land office are not disrupted. In performing its duties, the Adjudication Committee is assisted by units of juridical and administrative tasks, units of collection of juridical data and units of administrative task where their duties, the composition, and the activity are regulated by the Minister.

Essentially, adjudication duties are investigation task to examine and seek for true formal evidence, that is juridical initial data which is owned by holder of land rights, and justification task, that makes determination and ratification of evidence which is already examined.

Even though, the actual duty of adjudication is actually a task of judicial institution that is to give a decision or judgment., but in the land registration, the adjudication duty is given to the government as an executive.

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The adjudication of land registration activities, if managed seriously will support the acceleration of land registration and to ensure the legal certainty.

Sofie Widyana P.