Establishment of P3SRS
  • The establishment of P3SRS must be facilitated by the developers no later than the end of transition period.

  • The transition period is at the latest 1 year from the first handover of condominium unit to the owner, despite that the condition all condominium units have not been sold.

    • providing meeting rooms along with its supporting equipment, which must consist of at least tables, chairs, whiteboards/stationaries, microphones, and information/media boards for the owners and/or tenants.

    • providing ownership and/or tenancy data, along with the location of condominium units based on the record conducted by the developers.

    • supporting the administration and providing meals (consumption).

      The “facilitation” must consist of at least:

  • The establishment of P3SRS consists of the (i) preparation for the establishment, and (ii) implementation of establishment, with the funding that will be borne by the developer.

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