A few changes can be found after the appearance of Law Number 20 Year 2011 on Condominiums which is known as Condominium Law. It is a little bit different from the previous regulation about the condominiums. Executing Agency becomes one of the changes which can be found in this Condominium Law. There are provisions which are talking about the Executing Law of Condominium Law including the article 72 as well as 73. Nevertheless, there can be many people who still have very big question about the definition of Executing Agency and its function. Further explanation about Executing Agency can be found below.


Unfortunately, there is no definition about Executing Agency which can be found in

the Condominium Law. However, people are able to find further information about the Executing Agency in article 72 of the Condominium Law. The Executing Agency is established or assigned by the government for effectuating the condominiums which are not only decent but also affordable for the people who have low income.

Purpose and Function

There are some purposed of Executing Agency establishment or assignment according to the Condominium of Law. At first, it has purpose for speeding up the condominium providing which is able to meet the people’s residential needs with the low income for the General Condominium as well as the condominiums which are suitable for the specific needs called Specific Condominium particularly in the urban areas. It has function for guarantying the units of condominiums which are owned and also occupied by the residents who have low income. The compliance will be guaranteed by Executing Agency with the condominium utility principle. Last but not least, it also has the aim to implement various policies associated with the General and Specific Condominiums. The meaning of implementing various policies in this circumstance is about creating the power separation between the executor, supervisor, as well as policy maker. There are several tasks of Executing Agency including the distribution, ownership, and also execution of the specific and general condominium in integrated as well as coordinated way. Further information about the tasks of the executing agency is explained below.

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There are some tasks which should be performed by the Executing Agency in charge including constructing the General and Specific Condominiums performing. There is also coordinating task of Executing Agency of cross sector operations which include public utilities, tools, and also infrastructure facilitation. Quality improvement should also be performed in the general and also specific condominiums. Executing Agency also has to provide and facilitate the land for developing the condominiums either the general or specific one. The resident, management, use, and also transfer of the both condominiums should be facilitated by the Executing Agency. The requirements should be complied by Executing Agency regarding the prospective residents and or owners of the condominiums. Executing agency also has to develop the relationship which is cooperative in the sector of condominium with the institutions from country or overseas. Government regulation will regulate the additional provisions with Executing Agency establishment and assignment concern based on the Condominium Law article 73.

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