Definition of land registration in Government Regulation Number 24 of 1997 on Land Registration (“GR 24/1997”) constitutes perfection of scope of the land registration based on Article 19 paragraph (2) of Law Number 5 of 1960 on the Principles Provision of Agrarian (“Agrarian Law”) which includes; measurement, mapping, land records, registration and transfer of right of land and granting of evidence instrument of right as strong evidence.


Further provisions of land registration activities are regulated in GR 24/1997, which include:

1. Land Registration for the First Time ( Opzet or Initial Registration)

Land registration for the first time is the activity of land registration for the object of land that has not been registered based on Government Regulation Number 10 of1961 (“GR 10/1961”) or GR 24/1997. Land registration for the first time is performed through land registration systematically and sporadically. Land registration systematically is defined as activity of land registration for the first time simultaneously including all object of land registration that has not been registered in area or part of area of a rural/village (Article 1 paragraph 10 GR 24/1997). While, land registration sporadically is land registration activity for the first time concerning one or some object of land registration in area or part of area of a rural/village (Article 1 point 11 GR 24/1997).

Land registration activities for the first time, include:

a. Collecting and processing of physical data

1. Preparation of base map registration;

2. Registration of land boundary areas;

3. Measurement and mapping of land areas and making registration map;

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4. Preparation of land registers;

5. Preparation of letter of measurement;

b. Evidence of rights and its records, including:

1. evidence of new rights

2. evidence of old right

c. The maintenance of land registration data activities.

d. Presentation of the general register and document

e. Activity of land registration data maintenance.


2. Maintenance of Land Registration Data Activities (Bijhouding atau Maintenance)

This is the land registration activity to adjust the physical data and juridical data in maps of registration, land register, name register, letter of measurement register, land records, and certificate with the changes that happen later on (Article 1 point 12 of GR 24/1997).

Based on Article 36 of GR 24/1997, the maintenance of land registration data is performed if there is a change of physical data or juridical data of land registration object that has been registered. Physically data changes occured if there is segregation, separation, or merging of areas of land that have been registered. Juridical data changes occured for instance if there is an encumbrance or or transfer of right over of land areas that have been registered.

The relevant right holder shall register the change of physical data or juridical data to the Land Office and the district/local city to be recorded in the book of land.

Activity of maintenance of land registration data, includes:

a. Registration of transfer and imposition of rights.

1. Transfers of right through auction;

2. Transfer of right due to inheritance;

3. Transfer of right due to merger or consolidation or merger of limited liability companies or cooperative;

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4. Imposition of right;

5. Rejection of registration transfer and imposition of right.

b. Registration of change of other land registration data, including:

1. Extension of the period of right of land;

2. Segregation, separation, and merging of area of land;

3. Distribution of joint right;

4. Abolishment of right of land and ownership rights of condominium units.

5. Transfer and abolishment of mortgage;

6. Changes of land registration data based on judgment or court decision.

7. Changes of name


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