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To support Jakarta’s blue sky program and to realize energy security in the Provincial Area of DKI Jakarta through energy diversification and also the availability of gas fuel that is effective and efficient, the DKI Jakarta Governor published the Governor Instruction of DKI Jakarta Number 68 Year 2015 regarding the Providing of Gas Utility Networks in Buildings. (“Governor Instruction No.68/2015”).

Principally, the Head of Development Planning Agency, the Department Head of City Planning, the Department Head of Industry and Energy, the Department Head of Housing and Building, and all the mayors in DKI Jakarta are requested to do the steps with regards to usage of gas fuel in buildings.

Facility/ Utility of Gas Pipe

Under the Governor Instruction No.68/2015, the Department Head of City Planning has the job to:

  1. ensure that the owners of buildings complete the buildings with facilities or utilities of gas pipe
  2. do planning, supervision, and control related to providing of gas utility networks in buildings.

As for the availability and supply of gas to the buildings, it will be coordinated by Department Head of Industry and Energy. Specifically for condominium buildings, technical training related to providing gas network utility will be conducted by the Department Head of Housing and Building.

Bryna Budiman

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