This government regulation regulates a legal action by the parties who are related to the revocation of the right of land and the objects over a land. The parties are able to appeal to high court according to indemnity decision which is not suitable, within 1 (one)month from the date of the Presidential Decree which is regulated on Law Number 20 of 1961 on the Revocation of the Right of Land and the Objects Over a Land.

The parties are able to appeal by written or verbal notification to the Clerk of the High Court . If the appeal is verbal, the Clerk will make note of the appeal. The Clerk receives the appeal letter with the legal costs which is determined by the Chief of the High Court. If the applicant cannot  pay the legal costs, the applicant could be released from the legal cost based on the consideration by theChief of the High Court. Within a month after the Clerk of the High Court receives the appeal, the High Court shall examine and make a decision in the shortest possible time. The High Court can also hear all parties who are directly involved with the implementation of such revocationbut The High Court could give the process of hearing directly to the local District Court where the land is and the objects are located.

Then, within a period of 1 (one)\ month, the High Court will notify its decision to the parties concerned and published it  on the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia. The High Court also imposes all costs including the legal costs to the applicant’s appeal or to the concerned parties  by the High Court consideration.

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